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Aligning Human Mind & Digital Knowledge. Collaborative knowledge management to organize and connect, the way your brain works.


  • Rasmus Klärck

    Rasmus Klärck

    I’m hungry

  • Adam Grachek

    Adam Grachek

    Urbanist and engineer with an affinity for good techno music. Content Editor at Scrintal. M.S. in Transportation Systems Engineering.

  • Ece Kural

    Ece Kural

    Academic experiences & research methods. Founder of Scrintal — the ultimate knowledge management: | Jointo get early access

  • Aleksi Partanen

    Aleksi Partanen

    Recovering software entrepreneur, investor, restaurateur, art enthusiast. Mostly General Partner @

  • Daiana Noemi Moyano

    Daiana Noemi Moyano

  • Mennatullah Hendawy, PhD

    Mennatullah Hendawy, PhD

    Interdisciplinary Urban Planner, passionate about socio-tech solutions + justice. Personal-political-professional writings. Co-founder: Cairo Urban AI

  • Alex Hackney

    Alex Hackney

    Mobile PM @ Pura

  • Furkan Bayraktar

    Furkan Bayraktar

    Co-founder & CTO @Scrintal | Clojure Advocate | Software Engineer

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